Saturday, July 23, 2011

A New Tapestry

This is the latest piece I finished. It is small, 20 x 33,"  (48 x 84cm) and I have mounted it on a frame for a better presentation.  I am very excited about this one. I like the energy flow, the patterns of the moving stripes and the simple colors. So far, I have not decided on a title so any suggestions are welcome!
It has given me a lot of ideas for other designs and I am looking forward to getting started.

A Small Show and more

Last fall I was invited to have a small show at the Tam Valley District Office in Mill Valley.  I hung it this week. It is an office space and has a very small area for display. It turned out to be even smaller when I went to hang it as another artist had taken a large wall that I expected to use. I have only been able to include small work but the office does seem to attract viewers. 
  Here are a few images from my Flip Series:  These are small 8 and 9 inches square and mounted on a support. The show includes 3 bigger pieces as well.